• What is this website?

    It’s a free service that tells you what countries are currently “on sale” for you, based on what currency you have in your wallet. Currency rates fluctuate wildly, and there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of that when planning your next holiday or adventure.

  • How does it work?

    Without getting too technical, it compares today’s exchange rates vs. averages from the last 5 years. For example – if you tell us you have Euros in your wallet, and you want to go to Asia, we’ll check the exchange rate for Euros vs. every country in Asia, and tell you which ones are more favorable than usual. Let’s say the top country result is Vietnam, and it’s 23% cheaper for you than usual. That means when you land in Vietnam and convert your money to Vietnamese Dong, you’ll get 23% more than you usually would. Not bad!

  • Won’t the exchange rates change by the time I get to where I’m going?

    Yes, but they’re unlikely to swing wildly, unless you are booking many months in advance. Even if you are booking far in advance, you can still take advantage of the site if you exchange your money promptly, or consider prepaying for your accommodation etc. in the country’s currency to lock in the rate.

  • What about countries that are dangerous?

    We filter out countries that have active travel warnings issued by the US Department of State, so they will not appear in our search results. Please take care wherever you go, however...and we strongly recommend you get international travel insurance before you head out on the road.

  • Why is it free?

    Our goal is to enable people to see more of the world, including destinations they might not have otherwise considered. Charging would get in the way of that goal, so the site will be free forever. Site development & operation does cost real money though, so if you use the links on the country pages to book hotel rooms & flights, it would be massively appreciated. Or, if you prefer, just... Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com Caffeine is always good. :-)

  • Who are you?

    A small, international team of passionate people based in Tokyo, Japan.

  • What is the most appropriate accent in which to say “Let’s gooo” at high volume?

    Fantastic question, thank you for that. Any accent is fine, however we are partial to a thick Scottish brogue.