About Letsg.ooo

Letsg.ooo is a free service that tells you what countries are currently “on sale” for you.

It’s easiest to explain with an example, so please meet Alex:
(Disclaimer: His name isn't really Alex, he's from a stock photo website, he could actually be called Dave)

Alex lives in Belgium, and is interested in exploring Asia. He visits Letsg.ooo and selects Euros as his currency, then selects Asia as the region he wants to visit.

The Letsg.ooo servers strain as they work through the calculations, but then tell Alex that Japan is “on sale” – it’s 23% cheaper than usual.

Alex exclaims:

“Wow, the Japanese yen is 23% weaker vs. the Euro than it usually is? So absolutely everything I buy during my stay will be 23% cheaper for me than normal?”

Yes Alex, that’s correct – what a handy and clear way to put that!

By the way, if you select “Anywhere” as the region you want to visit, we’ll check every country on the planet for you.

The intent of the site is to enable people to see more of the world, including destinations they might not have otherwise considered. Simple.